Git on Mac

Git on Mac #

I an investigating how to support automatic authentication for two different GitHub logins.

Apple’s forked version of Git #

Apple maintains their own version of Git for deployment on their machines. One of the things this does is force include a gitconfig file. (located at /Applications/

$ git --version
# git version 2.24.3 (Apple Git-128)

This config sets the credential.helper field to osxkeychain to use the built in OSX keychain helper.

Normally this would be fine for a single GitHub login across your whole system, but there is no way to override this.

A suggestion is to use Homebrew to install normal git which will use any config scheme you ask for.

$ brew install git
# brew install output omitted

# open a new shell
$ git --version
git version 2.29.2

Suggestion to use Homebrew installed Git

Then you can use split Config files to access different credential sources.

This lets you use a different config file based on directory.

Directory Based Configs IncludeIF Suggestion

Alternatives #

You can simply pass the “useHttpPath” to the osxkeychain helper so that it matches each full URL. This means you need to enter your password for each repository.

This isn’t idea, especially because 2-factor auth requires a PAT instead of a password. So it is hard to remember the password.